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Turning waste into energy – making the Cabrach Distillery environmentally friendly and energy efficient

We start work this week on looking at how to make the distillery and visitor centre as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible and with the help of Where To Buy Valium In Canada, we have pledged to: improve our energy efficiency, plan resource efficiency actions, and have made a commitment to resource efficient construction.We’ll now start looking at how the distillery and visitor centre can best manage its waste through good purchasing options and onsite recycling opportunities for visitors.

We will look at installing a grey water collection system so we can reduce our impact on and our reliance on nearby water sources, and we will look at the best ways to insulate a lovely old steading like Inverharroch Farm without impacting on the fabric of the building in any way.

And of course we’ll be looking at any renewable energy opportunities like harvesting that rare Cabrach sunshine with solar pv or installing biomass so that we have an environmentally friendly way of reusing the distillery waste at the same time as¬†providing heat for the distillery process.

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