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Sue Savege, Executive Director, and Grant Gordon, Chairman of the Cabrach Trust consider the plans for conversion of the farm steadings into a distillery and heritage centre at Inverharroch Farm.

We achieved a lot at the Cabrach Trust in 2016, and now we’re making plans for 2017. Last year the Trust appointed its first full time member of staff and since then things have raced on.

In 2016, we,

  • Carried out a full community consultation to make sure that our plans were on the right track
  • Developed a ten year master plan for the Trust
  • Undertook a Social Impact Audit
  • Prepared our business plans for a Community Asset Transfer
  • Held and open day for stakeholders and community
  • Developed a website and social media to help us to communicate with our community and others
  • Carried out a Resource Efficiency Study

And this year in 2017, we plan to:

    – Submit the application for a Community Asset Transfer (CAT) of the Acorn Centre
    -Acquire full planning consent for the distillery and heritage centre
    – Carry out a feasibility study into the use of onsite energy generation for our activities
    – Document the history and heritage of Inverharroch, its land and buildings, through a community heritage project
    – Submit an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a Heritage Enterprise Grant
    2017 is going to be another busy and productive year for us here at the Cabrach Trust.
Buy Diazepam 10Mg Online Uk