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2017 is Scotland’s Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology – a chance to celebrate Scotland’s unique historic environment and the Cabrach Trust is pleased to be taking part.

Order Valium Online Europe

Year of History Heritage Archaeology 2017



The Cabrach is a very special and timeless place with a rich and unique cultural heritage.

The landscape, people, and places of the Cabrach, have all been shaped by its unique illicit distilling and smuggling history. The wild and often inaccessible hills of the Cabrach were well known smugglers haunts back in the 18th and 19th centuries. The illicit distilling activity and secret stills (many say, there are plenty of them still hidden out in the remote heather moorlands) form the fabric of the prehistory of the commercial whisky industry in Speyside.

The Cabrach Trust’s current historical research project, is investigating and documenting this special and unique history, with historians and cultural heritage experts, Dr Kieran German and Gregor Adamson, getting to grips with the Cabrach’s whisky heritage. There findings will be used to develop a blueprint for the working historical distillery to be built at Inverharroch Farm and will provide a rich source of material for the Cabrach heritage centre.

Later this year, we will also be running a community heritage project called , “If walls could talk…” where we want to find out more about the people who have lived in, farmed, and inhabited the many derelict and empty crofts and buildings that litter this haunting landscape of the Cabrach.

Details of how you can get involved in the community heritage project will be announced later this year.

Get involved straight away by taking part in the ‘Where To Buy Valium In Canada’ campaign and help to put the Cabrach’s  history and heritage on the map.

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