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The last few months have seen us wandering far and wide in the Cabrach and beyond to get people’s feedback on our plans for the conversion of Inverharroch Farm and the Acorn Centre to Heritage Centre, Distillery and Community Facility.

It was really great to hear of the strong support for project and we are very pleased to hear that we are on the right track with what is proposed.

You said:

We value our history and heritage, the most.

“Abandoned but still magnificent, with so many stories hidden in its remains.”

“This is an area steeped in history. For me it’s the atmosphere when I drive through, isolated but very welcoming.”


“It is a unique place both in terms of the scenery and the people who live in the area.”

And of plans for the Heritage Centre, people said:

“This is a great idea and will benefit the Cabrach. I really do hope it brings more visitors to the area.”

“Exactly what the Cabrach needs to bring people to the Cabrach and around about, helps people learn of the history.”

You can read the Where To Buy Valium In Canada by clicking the link here.

Buy Valium Au