Excisemen, including Murdoch MacKenzie (in kilt), at an illicit still. Image courtesy @HighlandHistory

We’re looking to recruit someone who can help us to unearth more of the story of the hidden stills and illicit distilling that went on in the Cabrach back in the early 1800’s.

We know that the Cabrach was once a hotbed of illicit distilling and was famous for its ability to evade the excise men at every corner with the remote and inaccessible landscape making it very easy to hide both people and whisky!

At the advent of licensed distilling in the 1820’s, there were 5 distilleries operating in the Cabrach and now, to help us to create a historically accurate distillery at Inverharroch, we are looking to find out more.

This is a unique opportunity for someone with good research skills who is interested in illicit distilling and/or in the history of a remote landscape like the Cabrach.

The deadline for applications for this position is 6th December 2016 and we would like the work to be completed by 6th February 2017.

Read more here and get in touch if you think you can help.