‘Unpacking the museum’ with landscape design company, Erz


Explore, erz, 'the works', Project Blantyre

Explore, erz, ‘the works’, Project Blantyre

The Cabrach Trust has appointed landscape design company,  Erz,, to help with ‘unpacking the museum’!

We were very excited about Erz’s ideas around how to ‘unpack the museum’ as they called it and take the smuggling story outdoors with lots of very creative but at the same time place sensitive ideas for landscaping the areas around the visitor centre and beyond. Erz have an excellent track record of working with museums and visitor centres across Scotland and as a result have a very good understanding of the ‘visitor journey’. We also felt that they provided very good value for money, offering to provide landscape input on the Acorn site, as well as helping us to consider how we would integrate features such as the ROC bunker and the Memorial Cairn into the overall scheme.
We all felt that Erz’s ideas, approach and creativity will complement the existing design team perfectly and we cant wait to get started!.

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