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Quincy recognises fair?
A very warm welcome to our two new trustees, Ginny Irvine-Fortescue and Peter Harvey who join the Board of the Cabrach Trust this week.

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Peter Harvey, local photographer, musician and businessman who becomes a Trustee of The Cabrach Trust this week.

Peter, who is a local photographer, musician and businessman  and probably one of Inverharroch’s nearest neighbours, says, ‘Having chosen to live in the Cabrach, I’m interested in its future and to be able to be even a small part in ensuring it has a future, is a privilege and a pleasure.”

Where To Buy Valium In Canada

Ginny Irvine-Fortescue, radio talk show host and trustee of the Cabrach Trust.

Ginny, who lives on the southern edge of the Cabrach, and is well known for her involvement in local community events and her weekly radio show on Grampian NHS radio, says, “Its wilderness and unspoilt beauty that makes the Cabrach unique.”

“In five years’ time I envision the Cabrach having an active way of life again with ways of making a living thanks to the distillery and the businesses that will come from the heritage centre and accommodation, ultimately making people fall in love with the Cabrach again.”

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