The Old Cabrach Hall and site of the Acorn Centre

The Old Cabrach Hall and site of the Acorn Centre

Last week we submitted the official request for a community asset transfer (or ‘CAT’ as its known) of the Acorn Centre to the Cabrach Trust.

Over recent years the government including the recent Community Empowerment Act recognises that ownership or control of land and buildings is a powerful tool for communities to drive change and achieve their own goals. New powers allow local authorities to transfer ownership at ‘less than market rate’ where there are obvious community benefits.

At the moment the former Cabrach Primary School which is now know as The Acorn Centre, is owned by the Moray Council and leased to the Cabrach Trust for use by the community. Today the Cabrach Trust has applied to the Moray Council for the ownership of the Acorn Centre together with the adjacent semi derelict Old Cabrach Hall and Schoolhouse, to be transferred to the Trust, in order that the site can be converted to a modern, fit-for-purpose, sustainable community facility.

The Cabrach Trust plans to convert the buildings into a new community hall, a permanent office for the Cabrach Trust, accommodation for training and educational courses, and warehouse for the new Cabrach Distillery.

The plans have been in the development stage for the last 9 months and we are now excitedly awaiting the Council’s decision on the request. Council officers on the Council’s Community Assessment Panel are expected to meet to make their recommendations on 24 February 2017. The panel will then prepare a recommendation for consideration by elected members.

A big thank you to all of the people who have supported us in preparing the CAT application, especially, Gillian Bailey, our Community Support Officer at the Moray Council.