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Order Valium Online Europe

Visualisation of the Cabrach distillery and heritage centre with the distillery seen on the left and the visitor centre cafe on the right.

Work is almost finished on pulling together all of the reports, surveys and detailed designs and drawings for the distillery and heritage centre and we will very shortly be submitting our application for full planning consent.
Its taken well over a year of work to finalise the design scheme and the landscape plan as well as conduct the raft of surveys and consultations needed for such a big application.

We’ve undertaken a full community consultation, worked with local architects, AKA Ltd, landscape designers, ERZ, and interior designers, Surface-ID , to finalise plans for the building and the grounds surrounding it. We’ve conducted a bat survey, a traffic impact assessment, a structural survey, a drainage impact assessment; done load testing, consulted with our farm tenants and immediate neighbours, and we’ve worked closely with the Moray Planning team and the County archeology department. Phew!!!

And now we are finally ready to press submit and put the application for full planning permission to the Moray Council. We hope that we will have a final decision on the application by the end of the summer



Buy Diazepam 10Mg Online Uk