Whisky writer Rachel McCormack takes us back to the early days of distilling in the Cabrach for the Radio 4 Making History programme.

As a result of the historical research work recently carried out by the Cabrach Trust, the story of illicit whisky production in the Cabrach has captured the imagination of Radio 4.  Featured on the Radio 4 program Making History our historical researcher, Kieran German and whisky writer Rachel McCormack take a trip back to the early days of whisky distilling in the Cabrach.

The Cabrach was the centre of a well-developed, but illegal, whisky distilling industry in the eighteenth century. Although the remote location kept these stills hidden from the revenue men it also made them commercially un-viable when whisky production was licensed in the 1820s. Today the ruined farmsteads in this otherwise untouched environment are the only clues to this tumultuous past.

Listen to the full story of Cabrach whisky on Radio 4 here:


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The history of Illicit distilling in the Cabrach