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Order Valium Online EuropeWork is well under way on finding funding for the Cabrach Trust projects. An application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for funding for the Heritage Centre and Historical Distillery is close to first stage submission. This has been a major piece of work with Sue spending many days to pull this together. The application will be submitted in August.

Exploring other avenues for funding has seen us meeting with Michelle from the Moray LEADER team, and this has been very positive. And later this month we will be meeting with the Big Lottery  to explore opportunities around the redevelopment of the Acorn site.

We are also exploring other ways of finding funding for the distillery and heritage centre through a Community Share Offer and a crowdfunding initiative.

Where To Buy Valium In Canada

With such a big project to find the money for, our funding is likely to come from a real mix of sources, including, Heritage Lottery Fund, Big Lottery, local charitable trusts and foundations, Leader Fund, government grants, shares, loans and donations. Its a big job !!

We’ve still a long way to go before we have all the money we need for us to realise all of our exiting and ambitious plans, but all of the funders we’ve spoken to so far have been extremely supportive and we are feeling very positive that it won’t be too long before work can get underway.

And a huge thank you to the trusts and foundations currently supporting our work. Without them we couldn’t have gotten as far as we have.

Valium Order Online

The Cabrach Trust is supported by grants and donations from; The Reekimlane Foundation, Clashindarroch Wind Farm Fund via Foundation Scotland, CARES, Local Energy Scotland.

Valium 10Mg Buy Online India