The Cabrach Community Association & Cabrach Trust is looking for a design for the Gates at the Memorial Park in the Cabrach.

At the turn of the century the Cabrach had a thriving community of around 1000 people, but after the Great War, the local population was severely decimated and some historians have called the Cabrach, ‘The biggest war memorial in Europe’.

With no local war memorial to commemorate those who lost their lives in the Great War and in other conflicts around the world, in 2015 the local community took it upon themselves to build their own monument.

The results, a collaboration with master stone-waller, Euan Thompson, and months of painstaking work, picking stones from the local fields and lovingly placing one stone on top of another, to create the beautiful ‘Cabrach Cairn’, as a lasting and permanent tribute.

The memorial cairn stands on a corner of land owned by the Cabrach Trust adjacent to the main road and is clearly visible to all who pass this way. With magnificent views of the hills all around, the small park where the Cairn is located provides a peaceful place to sit and contemplate.

To keep livestock out of the Memorial Park and prevent the Cairn from being damaged we need to install a set of metal stock proof gates which are sustainable, weather proof and sympathetic to the natural environment and which are in keeping with the sentiments of the Memorial Cairn.

The winning design will be chosen by a panel of judges and commissioned from a local artisan metal worker.

The winning designer will be invited to work with the Cabrach Trust and the artisan metal worker to finalise the design and create the gates.

Up to 2 designs may be submitted by each individual.

  • Each design should be no larger than A4
  • A statement should accompany each design, with details of materials and any other specifications such as self-closing mechanisms or hinges. The statement should tell us why you think your design fits the brief.
  • Your name should be written at the bottom of the design and contact details should be clearly appended to the designs or written on the back.

The gates should be:

  • Stock proof (to keep sheep out)
  • Sustainable, weather proof and sympathetic to the natural environment
  • In keeping with the sentiments of the Memorial Cairn
  • Self-closing
  • Easily accessible by anyone with a wheelchair, pushchair or bicycle.

Technical information

The gates will be manufactured in metal

The gates should be no less than 1525mm wide

Cabrach Cairn - Memorial Park copy (2)

Closing date for entries is the 29th of September


Submissions should be made email to

Or by post to: Inverharroch, Lower Cabrach, AB54 4EU

Your submission should be marked: Cabrach Cairn