The asset transfer of the Acorn Centre from Moray Council is close to completion.

The Acorn Centre, Old Cabrach Hall and Old Schoolhouse in the Lower Cabrach will now be transferred to the Cabrach Trust

Work has been going on over the summer to finalise the transfer of the Centre to the Cabrach Trust from Moray Council. This work is now very near completion and we will be hoping to announce the completion of this work in the Autumn.

The Cabrach Trust currently leases the Acorn Centre – formerly the Lower Cabrach Primary School and used as a community facility – along with the disused Old Cabrach Hall and former schoolhouse.

Once the asset transfer is completed the Old Cabrach Hall will be refurbished to provide a a much-needed community centre and training venue and the Acorn Centre will be repurposed for use as bonded warehouse for the distillery.

The Cabrach Trust also plans to turn the existing Inverharroch Farm, located in the lower Cabrach, into an authentic distillery operating on historical methods, as well as a visitor heritage centre, café and gift shop.

Patti Nelson, Chair of the Cabrach Community Association says, “Local community have been campaigning for many years to ensure that these buildings, which mean so much to local people, have a sustainable future at the heart of the community”.

Funding for the refurbishment work of the transferred buildings will come from a mix of grants and trust funds and once the asset transfer is complete, this next phase of our work can begin.

Come along to the Cabrach Trust AGM on 10th October to help us decide how we can make best use of these building for community.

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