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With the planning application for the historical distillery and heritage centre at Inverharroch submitted to the council at the end of June and as we respond to the various questions that the planning department has had for us, we now plough on with all of the other jobs to do with getting the operations up and running.

Order Valium Online Europe

The Cabrach Distillery design team on a site visit at Inverharroch

With the help of a team of industry specialists and the support of the International Centre for Brewing and Distilling at Herriot Watt University, the final specifications for the historical distillery are being worked out.

And research continues with the help of our local community and others, into the history, heritage and culture of the Cabrach.

As we wait to hear the decision on the planning application, our main effort now shifts to raising the funding needed for the refurbishment of the buildings and the installation of all the distillery equipment.

We have had very positive conversations with a whole range of likely funders including the Moray Leader Fund and the Heritage Lottery Fund, and grant funding applications are now being progressed with these and other grant makers.

And for those keen to invest in such a unique local enterprise, we are working on developing a share offer, which we plan to announce later in the year. Shares in the distillery and heritage centre will be on offer to community first and then more widely available.

Where To Buy Valium In Canada to keep in touch with progress and keep up to date with news on the share offer.

Buy Valium Au