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The Cabrach’s historical distillery will operate on traditional methods and will produce whisky as it would have been produced in early days of distilling in the Cabrach.

Inverharroch – Distillery and heritage centre

It’s still sinking in that after several years of hard work we finally have our full planning permission in place. The planning approval which was granted on 5th September, means that we can now go ahead and start thinking about when work will be able to start on site.

The job is not quite finished yet though, as the next phase of work which will commence shortly, will involve the preparation of all the technical specifications required to acquire a Building Warrant as well as drawing up the tender specifications and finding the right contractors and suppliers for the work.

Also ongoing is the work on the specification for the renewable energy systems which will supply the heat and power for the distillery and the centre.

As well as this we are conducting a new research project in partnership with the International Centre for Brewing and Distilling to determine the exact nature of the historical distilling processes, production methods, maturation and ingredients which we will use in the Cabrach Distillery

Acorn Centre

Now that we have had the Community Asset Transfer agreed the conveyancing is in progress to transfer ownership of the site over to the Cabrach Trust. Progress on the legal transfer of title has been a little slower than anticipated due to some legal complexities which we had no prior knowledge of, but we expect the transfer to completed by Mid-October and we’ll be a raising a glass to celebrate at our AGM to be held at the Grouse Inn, at 6pm on 10th October 2017.


Work has been taking place on preparing a number of key funding applications. A first round application for £1.1m of funding was submitted to the Heritage Lottery Fund in August and a decision is expected in November. If successful at this round, then a development phase of 6 months will take place to prepare the 2nd round (and final) application for submission in August 2018.

In other funding news, Big Lottery have visited the site to discuss potential funding for the conversion of the Acorn Centre and whilst they are supportive of the plans, they have advised that further detail and consultation with community is needed before they can put the project through to the next stage.

Moving on we are now in the process of preparing a number of other funding applications including applications to the Leader Fund for Moray. And we will shortly be announcing an opportunity for local community and whisky lovers to purchase shares in the Cabrach Distillery.

History, heritage, culture

Following on from our recent Memory Day, people from far and wide are continuing to contribute to a heritage archive for the Cabrach. A series of further heritage days supported by the County Archaeology Service and specialist conservation architects will involve community archaeology of the site and documentation of the existing buildings. These will be held at Inverharroch early next year.

Buy Diazepam 10Mg Online Uk