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Order Valium Online Europe

The Cabrach in Moray was once a thriving hub of activity with whisky distilling and farming its main industries. Sadly, it was on the verge of extinction and so the Cabrach Trust was established in 2011 with a mission to breathe new life into this remarkable area.

As part of our ambitious plans to develop a heritage centre incorporating a working historical distillery at Inverharroch Steadings in the Lower Cabrach, the Cabrach Trust is now looking for a first-class Fundraising Manager to help us to raise the money needed to see the vision become a reality.

The Fundraising Manager will be well practised in soliciting major financial gifts (minimum of six figures) and will provide support the Executive Director and Trustees in their mission to breathe new life into The Cabrach.

The Primary role will be to maximise income from UK and international trusts and foundations and major donors as part of the distillery and heritage centre capital fundraising campaign.

Key tasks and responsibilities.

Working with a small team, and reporting to the Executive Director of the Trust, the Head of Fundraising will:

  • Be responsible for all aspects of fundraising from UK and international trusts and foundations
  • Secure philanthropic gifts from major donors
  • Plan, develop and deliver a campaign to meet targets and contribute to the overall fundraising target
  • Develop and manage relationships with a portfolio of UK and international trusts and foundations
  • Through personal approaches and by supporting the approaches made by the Chairman of the board and other Trustees, grow trust income to meet the ambitious campaign targets.
  • Generate compelling copy to articulate the organisation’s case for support to inspire and influence Trusts, Foundations and major donors.
  • Create a project prospectus and donor information
  • Prepare written proposals and reports for prospective funders
  • Deliver presentations to prospective and existing funders
  • Cultivate and build strong and lasting relationships with funders
  • Provide support where necessary for other aspects of the organisation’s fundraising activities.

As the successful candidate you will be responsible for actively seeking major donor support and implementing a trust fundraising strategy to secure funding from charitable trusts and foundations. You will have highly developed networking and communication skills and be well practised in soliciting major gifts.

You will have a keen eye for detail, first class written and verbal communication skills and able to relate to people at all levels. Confident and personable, you will be flexible and resilient with a can-do attitude.

Salary:              c. £35,000 per annum pro rata

Hours:              Flexible (minimum 3 days per week)

Contract:         2 years. With the possibility of extending the role.

Location:         Flexible.

If you would like the opportunity to really make your mark on Scotland’s rural landscape then please contact us for more information.

If this sounds like you then please click Where To Buy Valium In Canada or email Valium Order Online for a full information pack.

Closing date for applications: Midnight, Wednesday 6th December

Interview date: Wednesday 13th December


Valium 10Mg Buy Online India