A report for the Cabrach Trust

Woodland consultants, TreeWild, admiring the beautiful old Goat Willow on the banks of the River Deveron at Inverharroch Farm

A woodland feasibility study commissioned by the Cabrach Trust has identified huge possibilities for new community woodlands, farming, riverside walks and volunteering opportunities, as well as flood prevention measures on the land owned by the Cabrach Trust at Inverharroch.

TreeWild, a woodland management and consultancy was commissioned by the Cabrach Trust to carry out the research project, which was funded by the Forestry Commission Scotland Community Fund.

TreeWild consultants visited the Cabrach to meet the Trust team, study the landscape, existing farmland and tree species and make recommendations for creating new woodlands and providing access for both visitors and local people to enjoy the stunning scenery.

The outdoor access and recreation woodland feasibility study set out to explore the potential for access and recreation within the proposed new forestry and woodland areas; identify opportunities for volunteering, education, interpretation and events in the short and long term; increase biodiversity within the area; and identify potential streams of funding.

The report states: “…Inverharroch has the potential to become a model for the area incorporating farming, woodland, access, education, eco-tourism and local produce. It could become a community hub providing a place for people to work, volunteer and experience the outdoors in.

The recommended steps are in line with the Scottish Forestry Strategy and the Moray Woodland and Forestry Strategy, which identifies the Cabrach as having the ‘opportunity for accommodation and trails’ as well as community woodlands.

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Cabrach Trust Access and Recreation Feasibility Study

Woodland Feasibility Study for the Cabrach Trust