Safeguarding culture and heritage in the Cabrach

Historic graffiti at Inverharroch Farm

The Cabrach has a distinctive yet fragile heritage which is at risk of being lost and the aim of this project is to safeguard local heritage at the same time engendering a sense of place, pride, and belonging  within the community of the Cabrach.

In this project, we will be working with our local community to explore, document and create a cultural archive for this and future generations.

Through this project we are aiming to work with community to discover and document the history and heritage of the Cabrach, its land and buildings, its people, families and traditions, and to share this heritage with others.

The projects which will be focused around three key elements of the cultural heritage of the Cabrach; language, cultural identity, and lost skills, will be enacted though a range of contemporary and traditional practices, including; research, oral histories, storytelling, parish mapping, creative arts, photography, interviews, digital recording and traditional skills training.

The project will start in June and will culminate in:

  • A series of recordings of Doric speaking published on social media, you tube, radio
  • A final exhibition of stories and photographs from local community
  • A Lost Cabrach – Living Cabrach website acting as a permanent record of this work
  • Robust academic documentation of the history and heritage of the Cabrach
  • All of this work will ultimately be showcased as part of the Cabrach Heritage Centre

The project is being funded by the Scottish Culture and Heritage group of the William Grant Foundation.

More information about the project and how you can get involved will be published shortly on our website and facebook pages.

In the meantime, you can get involved by joining our “Lost Cabrach” facebook page, and posting your photos, memories and stories of the Cabrach.