On August 18th, come and experience The Cabrach like never before! We’re excited to be able to share some of the heritage and future plans for the region with you, your friends and family. Throughout the day, staff and trustees of the Cabrach Trust will be on-hand to show you around the site and talk about the projects we’re embarking on.

Nuclear Bunker Public Opening
We will be opening the Cabrach’s nuclear bunker to the public for the first time. Glenfiddich Artist in Residence Co-ordinator and local historian Andy Fairgrieve will explain how this bunker was part of a network of listening stations across Scotland and was constantly manned as recently as the 1990’s. It will be possible to climb inside the bunker if accessibility permits.
* Unfortunately the bunker is not wheelchair accessible.

Ladder into nuclear bunker

Cold War and The Cabrach
As well as playing a role in the Cold War, the Cabrach was shaped by its role in the First World War and Professor Peter Reid from Robert Gordon University will tell us more about the impact of this conflict on the local area.

Cabrach Great War memorial cairn

The home of illicit distilling?
Whisky distilling is a fundamental part of the history of Cabrach and our local whisky historian Colin Mackenzie will explain the history of local whisky distilling, both legal and illegal. We’ll also be outlining more about our plans to build a historically-accurate distillery, which will make us the UK’s first wholly not-for-profit whisky maker.

Stone support for still

Doric Days
The Cabrach is one of the last strongholds of Doric, and we’re delighted that Alistair Heather
can join us to hold a Doric workshop for families and young people. Throughout the day, staff and trustees of the Cabrach Trust will be on-hand to show visitors
around the site and talk about the project.

View across The Cabrach

Please find the full programme below. Refreshments in the form of cake and tea/coffee will
supplied by The Cabrach Trust from 11am to 2pm. If the weather is good, we recommend
bringing a picnic.

Parking will be available opposite the Acorn Centre.

Programme for Saturday, August 18th

10:00 -11.30 – “World War I” with Peter Reid
Location: War memorial cairn

11.30-13:00 – “The Doric of Cabrach” with Alistair Heather
Location: Inverharroch farm

13:00 – 14:00 – “Historic whisky distilling” with Colin Mackenzie and Derrick Thomson
Location: Inverharroch farm

14:30 – 16:00 – “‘Post 32’ nuclear bunker” with Andy Fairgrieve
Location: Meet at Inverharroch farm

For more information about the day, please contact peter@cabrachtrust.org