What a fantastic turnout we had for the Cabrach Trust’s Heritage Open Day on Saturday 18th of August. Over 150 people visited Inverharroch over the day and it was a great opportunity for us to showcase some of the heritage work that is going on at The Cabrach Trust.

In the morning, Professor Peter Reid from Robert Gordon University, who told us the fascinating story about how life in the Cabrach was changed by the First World War. Over 30 people attended the talk, which took place at the Cabrach Memorial Cairn. The memorial cairn was built by local community in 2015 as a lasting memorial to the soldiers that fell in the First World War. Peter also told us about his forthcoming project which will be about connecting the people of this war to the houses and farms in the Cabrach.

Next, we had a fun and entertaining workshop about the Scottish dialect called Doric led by Alistair Heather from the Elphinstone Institute at Aberdeen University. Alistair demonstrated how we might start to use Doric words again and sent us out and about the farm with a sheet of Doric words to rename some of the buildings at Inverharroch Farm.

Whisky history is a very important part of the Cabrach heritage. Our local whisky historian, Colin Mackenzie, gave us a very detailed presentation focusing on both the illegal whisky distilling and the three historical distilleries of the Cabrach. In connection with Colin’s talk we heard news about the historical distillery that The Cabrach Trust is building.

After enjoying home baked cakes and shortbread during a little tea break, we proceeded to the last event of the day. This was the opening of the Royal Observers Corps (ROC) Post, which featured veteran officers that told us how it was serving in one of these posts. We were shown original paraphernalia that the offices had kept safe since the ROC stood down in 1991. Furthermore, local ROC Post expert Andy Fairgrieve offered a rare insight into the background and history of why these posts where built.

At the end of a long day with an exciting program we concluded that in the region of 150 people of all ages had travelled from far and wide to visit us. Thanks for that! The next event is the ‘Cabrach Big Dig’ which will take place at Inverharroch, on the weekend of 21-23 September. At this event people of all skill levels can participate in an archaeological excavation and documentation of Inverharroch Farm, where The Cabrach Trust resides.  

Huge huge huge thank you to all of our trustees, volunteers and staff for their hard work on the day. Special thank yous to; Jeremy, Derrick, sterling job on the refreshments, George, who spent 4 hrs down the bunker talking to people, Peter Reid, Alastair, Colin and Andy for their superb talks, Derrick and Callum for their clean up job on the farm, and Peters Highland Granny, Lauranne,  for her fabulous cakes.