Learn how to make traditional shortbread with a twist and weave it into a story afterwards

Winter is when we come together in the warmth inside to do coorie things such as bake shortbread and have a good blether or a song over a hot drink. If you don’t know how to bake shortbread this is your chance! This winter the Cabrach Trust has a special event which celebrates the community spirit of The Cabrach. We will be making shortbread as a unifying artwork with artist baker Robert Singer. The ticketed workshop will make a collective artwork formed by each participant making a small batch of shortbread biscuit dough (biscuit meaning twice-baked bread) that will be brought together to form a single artefact.

After the workshop, the artwork of shortbread will be symbolically broken and shared with the gathered company and joining friends amidst stories, music and making merry the Cabrach Spirit in an evenin o wairm tales, legends an sangs o Cabrach days and Wyes with local storyteller Grace Banks who will create a mural of tales from distant past till now and will include songs that all can join in. If you have a story to tell or a sang to sing, please come an share it with us.


We will meet up at the Acorn Centre (AB544EU) in the Lower Cabrach for both the baking workshop and the tales and tunes event.

Timings for the events Saturday 28th March 2020

  • The ticketed baking event starts at 1 pm but please feel free to join us at 15 pm. The event is free but a place must be booked with 16 tickets available. Get your ticket here.
  • The Tales and Tunes start at 15 pm and is free and everyone is warmly welcome. Please come along, bring your friends and family and help us make this a special afternoon.

The Cabrach Trust invites you to an afternoon of baking and tales in collaboration with Discover Morays Great Places & Findhorn Bays Arts.

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