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The Cabrach Trust (Charity No SC043771) was established in 2011 in response to a need to preserve the cultural heritage of The Cabrach and safeguard its remote community. In 2013 The Cabrach Trust took ownership of the historic Inverharroch Farm and 170 acres of land.

The Cabrach Trust aims to provide jobs and services in order to regenerate The Cabrach through the creation of a Heritage Centre and historic working distillery.

The work of The Cabrach Trust is enabled by the generous support and funding of private donors, trusts and foundations, including: The Reekimlane Foundation, Cairngorm Capital, the William Grant Foundation, the Vattenfall Clashindarroch Community Fund through Foundation Scotland, Community Energy Scotland, Resource Efficient Scotland, Forestry Commission Scotland, Rural Housing Scotland and Moray LEADER.

Buy Diazepam India