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The Cabrach Trust is steered by a small group of dedicated people committed to safeguarding the unique culture, heritage and history of The Cabrach.

Anna Brennand

· Chief Executive

As former Chief Executive of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust, a World Heritage Site in Shropshire, England, Anna has a wealth of experience in multi-million pound redevelopment projects and her projects have won several awards. A qualified accountant, Anna worked for a FTSE 100 company and also in the leisure and hospitality industry and central government.

Grant Gordon

· Chair and Founder

Grant is a philanthropist and social entrepreneur. He is the founder and Chairman of the Childhood Trust, Chairman of the Reekimlane Foundation and a trustee of other charities. He has experience in the distilling industry having worked in his family business, William Grant & Sons. He has lived part-time in the Cabrach since he was a child and founded the Cabrach Trust in 2011.

Peter Harvey

· Trustee

Peter is a photographer, owner of Speyside Images and a founder member of the Speyside Artisans Arts and Crafts Group. Peter settled in Speyside in the late 1990s, having moved to Scotland five years earlier after a career in the music business. Peter lives in a converted church in the Cabrach, close to Inverharroch.

Virginia Irvine-Fortescue

· Trustee

Ginny originally trained as a physiotherapist and later as a medical herbalist. She sits on the Grampian NHS steering group for patient transport, hosts a weekly show for Grampian Hospital Radio and is a Lay Member of the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church. She lives near Lumsden, to the east of the Cabrach.

Colin Mackenzie

· Trustee

Colin is a chartered architect with over 30 years of experience working in the UK and abroad. Colin is also a local historian with a particular interest in the craft of distilling and maturing malt whisky and the history of illicit distilling. His family has a long connection with Glenlivet. He lives near Auchindoun Castle between Dufftown and the Cabrach.

Michelle Myron

· Trustee

Michelle’s early career was with Scottish Enterprise before becoming a consultant in the private sector. This was followed by a period of overseas work with International Paper based in Belgium. Michelle has returned to her home town of Dufftown where she set up Speyside Tours which specialises in distillery tours. Michelle is currently studying for the IBD’s Diploma in distilling.

Alastair Wilson

· Trustee

Alastair is the Chief Executive of the School for Social Enterprise. He is also the co-founder and director of a Tonic Housing CIC, which is looking to develop a fresh approach to LGBT elder living.  He is a trustee of the Sheila McKechnie Foundation and has previously held trustee roles at Social Enterprise UK, UnLtd, Access and the Akram Khan Dance Company. Originally from Inverness, Alastair now lives in London.

Laurie Piper

· Trustee

Laurie is Operations Manager at Moray Speyside Tourism, an initiative of the Moray Chamber of Commerce. His role has responsibility for developing the region’s tourism industry. An experienced marketing professional he has headed teams in the tourism, culture and heritage sectors in Scotland. He lives in Forres.

Bob Yuill

· Trustee

Bob is Deputy Chief Executive SAOS Ltd, a development organisation specialising in agricultural co-operative and collaborative strategies, structures and management. Bob is a highly experienced project manager with skills and knowledge in financial management, data protection, contracts and collaborative working and sits on the Trust’s finance committee. He lives on the northern edge of the Cabrach.

Dr Peter Bye-Jensen

· Heritage Manager

Peter began his career as an archaeologist in Denmark, working at its famous Moesgard museum amongst others. He came to the UK in 2014 to complete a PhD in early neolithic monuments at the University of Southampton.  Peter joined the Cabrach Trust as its Heritage Manager in 2018.

Gille Young

· Project Manager

Gille has a background in building conservation having worked on a number of projects with Aberdeen City Heritage Trust, the National Trust and the National Trust for Scotland.  Gille joined the trust as Project Manager in 2018.

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