The Cabrach Trust is focused on maximising the potential of the project to ensure social, cultural and economic benefit for the local and wider community.

Our approach is to work in partnership with residents and other key stakeholders to build a sustainable enterprise, which is in harmony with our environment.


The heritage centre will be a vibrant, successful, energetic space, bringing new people to the area, raising the profile of the Cabrach and fostering community pride.


The heritage centre will be a major contributor to the local economy providing up to 10 jobs. Income will derive from a sustainable combination of sale of Cabrach whisky, distillery tours, café and shop sales, events, courses, and accommodation.


The Cabrach Trust has high standards of environmental commitment. The remote quality of the environment is one of the Cabrach’s strengths and The Cabrach Trust aims not just to protect this fragile landscape but is also committed to improving it where possible.

NS Auld Nells

The upper Cabrach and Auld Nells in the snow. Image courtesy of Neil Sheed

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