The Cabrach heritage centre

Heritage Centre exhibition concepts

Heritage Centre exhibition concepts. Images courtesy of

The heritage centre will house a permanent interpretation centre and a flexible exhibition and events space, showcasing the rich heritage and culture of the Cabrach and its illicit whisky distilling history. A restaurant/café and a shop will retail high quality local goods and produce.

Our project will

  • Refurbish Inverharroch Farm creating a historic distillery and heritage centre
  • Establish a small historic distillery using historical distilling methods from the 19th c.
  • Provide a dedicated museum/heritage space telling the story of the Cabrach and malt whisky and exploring the inter-relationship between farming, land and distilling.
  • Operate a café/restaurant showcasing local foods and produce.
  • Provide training opportunities and placements to develop heritage skills

Download more about Our Plans here

The Cabrach Trust is a member of the Heritage Trust Network