By the early 20th century, a series of factors and events began to take their toll. The local farmers began to lose out to bigger, more industrialised farms, technology ate into the traditional way of life, the two world wars meant they lost many of their menfolk. By the second half of the century, the population decline had created a critical situation. In 2007, Cabrach primary school closed down. Between 1861-1961, the community lost more than 75% of its people.

Unless something is done, it’s estimated that by 2051, the local population will be as low as 20. According to the last census, the population density is now the lowest in Scotland, standing at “less than one person per 100 acres.”

Today the small surviving farming communities in the Cabrach are intensely proud of their location and every family and individual has stories to tell of their relationship with the land.