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Local members

Membership is free to residents in The Cabrach area

Local members are eligible to vote at our AGM and play a vital part in helping us to decide on the best way for The Cabrach Trust to achieve its vision.

  • Have a vote
  • Have a say in the future of The Cabrach
  • Receive news and updates
  • Get invites to events
  • Help save a heritage at risk
  • Contribute to important research
  • Leave a legacy for future generation of Cabrach residents

Friends of The Cabrach

Membership as a ‘friend’ is open to all those who live outside The Cabrach area, and is open to anyone, no matter where in the world you live.

Membership as a ‘friend’ is £10 per year

‘Friends’ and corporate supporters play a vital role in helping us to achieve our aims.

  • Help shape our plans and ideas
  • Receive news and updates
  • Get invites to events
  • Help save a heritage at risk
  • Contribute to important research
  • Find out more about the people and the place
  • Leave a legacy for future generations

Corporate supporters

Membership fees start from £40 per year

Businesses and corporate members can show support for

  • Support social enterprise
  • Contribute to important industry research
  • Receive news and updates
  • Get invites to industry events
  • Help save a local heritage at risk
  • Find out more about the people and the place
  • Leave a legacy for future generations
Order Valium Online Europe

Membership is open to all those who support our aims.

Members must be over 16yrs of age to join.

The Where To Buy Valium In Canada is defined as ‘the area known as The Cabrach, comprising the Parish of The Cabrach, Moray, together with its adjoining settlements’.

Buy Valium Au