Our people

Some of the Cabrach Trust staff and trustees.

The Cabrach Trust is steered by a small group of dedicated people committed to safeguarding the unique culture, heritage and history of the Cabrach.


Grant Gordon, trustee, the Cabrach TrustGrant Gordon – Trustee
A founder member and Chairman of the Trust, Grant has strong family roots in the Cabrach. Grant is a philanthropist focusing on building stronger and more resilient communities and works with a number of charities.

Grant says, “The prospect of the Cabrach Trust offering a springboard to develop fresh and innovative community based initiatives, is very exciting indeed.”

Alastair Wilson, trustee, The Cabrach Trust Alastair Wilson – Trustee
Alastair has been a trustee of the Cabrach Trust since 2015. As Head of the School for Social Enterprise, is well placed to help the Trust to achieve its social ambitions.

Alastair says, “Having been brought up in the Highlands, I am passionate about the difference Social Enterprise can make to communities like the Cabrach”

Patti Nelson, trustee, the Cabrach TrustPatti Nelson – CCA
Patti joined the Cabrach Trust in June 2014 as a volunteer Board member. Patti is also Chair of the Cabrach Community Association and is involved in a number of other community benefits projects in the area.

Patti says, “This visionary project will allow visitors near and far to share in the special place called the Cabrach. I am committed to doing everything I can to help make this possible.”

Ginny Irvine-Fortesque, Trustee, Cabrach TrustGinny Irvine-Fortescue – Trustee

Ginny joined the Cabrach Trust in January 2017 as a volunteer Board member. Ginny, who lives on the southern edge of the Cabrach, is active in many and varied community roles including sitting on the General Synod for the Scottish Episcopal Church and hosting a weekly radio show for Grampian NHS.

Ginny says, “In five years’ time I envision there will be ways of making a living here thanks to the distillery and the businesses that will come from the heritage centre and accommodation, ultimately making people fall in love with the Cabrach again.”

Peter Harvey, Trustee, The Cabrach TrustPeter Harvey – Trustee
Peter joined the Board of Trustees in January 2017 and as a local resident, businessman,  photographer and musician brings to the Trust a wide ranging skill set and an intimate  knowledge of the landscapes and places of the Cabrach.

Peter says, “Having chosen to live in the Cabrach, I’m interested in its future and to be even a small part in ensuring it has a future is a worthwhile thing to do.”