The Cabrach is a remote, sparsely populated upland area between the Cairngorms and the Moray Firth in the old county of Banffshire.

Its history stretches back to the very earliest inhabitants of Scotland and it has a strong sense of place. That distinctive identity is underlined by its name – not Cabrach, but ‘The’ Cabrach.  Crossed by a single road, The Cabrach has often been described as ‘a landlocked island’. It is an area of natural beauty with unspoilt views over mountains and heather moors.

However, this fragile rural community is on the verge of extinction. At the end of the nineteenth century the community had a healthy population of approximately 1000 but today only around 70 people are left living in The Cabrach. Although it is an extremely resilient community, it’s estimated that there will be just 20 people left in 30 years’ time if the current rate of depopulation continues.  What was long ago a self-sustaining upland settlement has reached a critical point in its long history.

Our vision is to regenerate The Cabrach as a thriving, sustainable community with a sense of place, pride and belonging. We are already uncovering the fascinating secrets of The Cabrach, its place in Scottish history and role in the development of malt whisky. It is one of the few remaining places where Doric is spoken and harbours stories of resilience, loss, fighting spirit and community endeavour. The story of The Cabrach is one of an upland community with the fighting spirit to survive in the harshest of conditions.

The Trust is responding to a need to preserve the rich cultural heritage of The Cabrach and safeguard its remote community and was established in 2011. Just two years later, thanks to generous private donations and the support of the Reekimlane Foundation, it took ownership of the historic Inverharroch Farm and 167 acres of surrounding land.  In partnership with The Cabrach Community Association, the Trust also acquired ownership of the Old School and Hall in The Lower Cabrach.

The Cabrach Trust is a social enterprise and all profits from the heritage centre and distillery will be used to further the Trust’s social aims of providing jobs, housing and services to regenerate this remote rural landscape.

We need your help to build The Cabrach Heritage Centre, tell the extraordinary Cabrach story and begin the regeneration of this remarkable area. If you share our vision for The Cabrach, please support us in whatever way you can. You can visit us in The Cabrach, talk to our staff and find out about our business plans.