We aim to preserve the past and create a sustainable future through the construction of a new Heritage Centre and historic working distillery. This will tell the ‘secret’ story of illicit whisky distilling and smuggling, inspire and engage visitors and be a catalyst for regeneration.

Our vision is that The Cabrach Heritage Centre will become the national museum of historic illicit and early farm distilling. Visitors will discover why The Cabrach can claim to be one of the birthplaces of Malt Whisky. They will also discover why The Cabrach became known as a wild and rebellious land, with generations who fought hard to survive in harsh conditions.

Courses and activities for adults will engage our communities and bring in people with an interest in traditional and lost skills.

Illuminated by historical research and recent discoveries, we will bring alive the untold story of The Cabrach, which has played a central role in Scotland’s history and culture.